Do I Call My Car Dealer For AZ Auto Glass Repair?

repairA windshield, as its name suggests is designed primarily to protect the occupants against injury causing from wind and debris. However, as consumer demand for increased speed and improvement in the aesthetic and appearance of vehicles, engineers have continued to develop larger windows fonts that become a part of the integral structure of most vehicles.

Windshield is one of the most important parts for the maintenance of a car, which is also related to your safety. Laminated glass is mandatory for the windshields since the early 80s, which consists of two sheets of glass joined by a high-quality plastic (PVB) sheet. During an impact, the glass breaks but remains intact to the plastic sheet, reducing the risk of being ejected from the vehicle. Indeed, all studies show that good quality windshields greatly reduce the risks during an impact for passengers. With such responsibility, it is essential to consider that during the glass repair, the windshield must be of the highest quality.

There are a lot of AZ auto glass repair who sell the best products on the market. The products must comply with government regulations related to automotive glass and must be identified with a universal code. When replacing a windscreen, you have the option of choosing between OEM replacements windshields or manufactured by other manufacturers or car dealers. These windows are commonly called “Jobber” windows.

Both types of products, OEM and car dealers selling them must comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. However, there are two major benefits for OEM:

  • Products from the same material that was used to make the original one. These windshields have the look of your original windshield and adapt perfectly to your car by reducing air noise and risk of water infiltration
  • OEM glass manufacturers in partnership with automotive manufacturers provide greater functionality and improved performance. This ensures that OEMs have greater knowledge of the structural engineering of the car and can design a windshield that meets the same quality assurance systems. OEM, even follow stricter standards.

The standards and specifications of OEM windows are stricter than those of the Department of Transportation (DOT). The standards of OEM auto glass require 100% retention in the frontal crash test, while the DOT only requires 80%. In addition, these higher standards of OEM auto glass ensure the criteria of tolerance, thickness and shape of the windows are perfect. With the car dealers’ products, you choose the risk of having a higher rate of leakage, wind noise, imperfect fixing, poorer solar performance and optical distortion. In other words, your security could be at risk. So, it all depends on you which one to choose.

The car dealers may offer lower price and discounts, but the quality may not comply with the standards. Glasses used in the car and windshield can save your life in an accident, which is the reason why everyone prefers to buy the best. Therefore, AZ auto glass repair services or OEMS can assure the best item for a cracked windshield or other broken glass parts of your car.


Can You Replace A Broken Window With OEM Auto Glass?

omeIf you need to replace the windshield of your car with new windshield or with any other type of auto glass, just selecting the glass company which provides good quality of work is not sufficient, but you also need to consider the type of supplies that you make use of for the glass replacement. Auto glass is not similar to that of any other glass; it is specifically designed to cater the needs of specific applications. One of the best ways to assure for best quality windshield replacement is through opting for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement glass.

Yes, it’s possible to replace the broken window of your vehicle with OEM auto glass. It provides the best quality of glass for your vehicle. The main reason for opting for OEM glass is, they are quite thicker and it gets easily fit into your car rather than aftermarket auto glass which are more prone to damage, leakage, outside noise as well as optical distortion.

The Importance of choosing OEM auto glass

There are a great number of benefits of opting for OEM glass, it helps to ensure that your glass gets properly fitted and get adhere to the original optical quality as well as the design of your vehicle. The other glasses which are available in the market may not easily get fit into car design.

At times, the consumers easily get cheated because the aftermarket goods are quite well to that of OEM products. These claims need not be true in all the circumstances, instead they are rarely true. When it comes to the matter of auto glass, safety is the first concern. So by opting for OEM auto glass, you can ensure to get a high quality glass for your vehicle.

OEM glass manufacturers spend a great deal of time as well as money in researching and also in designing their windshields. Prior to releasing OEM products into the market, they are tested and inspected to meet the exact standards. There is a plethora of glass companies which will quote you lower prices on the replacement costs of your glass, but prior to opting for such companies make sure that they are using OEM glass or any other aftermarket auto glass.

The windshield of your car is designed in order to get protected from cold air and other debris from outside the car. While choosing a company in this regard, there are plenty of other aspects to be considered. In addition to ensuring that the glass company which you have planned to hire is making use of the highest quality OEM glass, it is also much more important to ensure that the glass technicians are well experienced in providing the best service. Auto glass being the most important feature for your vehicle safety as well as for your comfort, ensure that high quality adhesives are used and best possible work is done by the technicians.

Make your driving safe and comfortable with OEM glass.

How to Find Phoenix AZ Auto Glass Repair Companies

repaireEven though you drive safely on the road,  at one or the other point of time you will find your car damaged by another driver. If your windshield is cracked, the longer you leave these cracks it becomes quite difficult to deal with them. In such a scenario, it becomes quite essential to opt for the services of auto glass repair service companies.

The main purpose of getting your vehicle windshield repaired is to maintain the integrity of the glass and to avoid it from cracking and breaking. By opting for auto glass repair it enhances the clarity of the broken and the damaged area.

There are a great number of phoenix AZ auto glass repair companies which provides amazing services to the customers. But still you need to be cautious while choosing an auto glass repair company which can cater your needs with utmost efficiency.

Here is a checklist for choosing best auto glass repair company, which you must know-

  • Cutting edge equipments for repair and replacement

This is the major characteristics which define a good company. The quality of the instruments used directly impact on the performance of the car. If the equipments used are of ordinary quality, you may not get expected results once you are done with the repair work. A reputed company in this regard should make use of these equipments which has been thoroughly tested.

  • Same day delivery service

Ensure that the Phoenix auto glass repair company offers same day delivery services to its customers so that they take their vehicle to home on the same day itself.

  • Guarantee work

Make sure that the company provides guaranteed services to its customers. Guaranteed services in the sense, there is no need to worry about any sort of issues with your vehicle which can arise in near future. But if you encounter any sort of issues, then Phoenix AZ will be responsible for carrying out extra repair or replacement services without paying anything extra.

  • Additional maintenance

Many firms offer additional services like car maintenance and cleaning. They also provide services at affordable costs.

  • Experienced technicians

Ensure that the company is well equipped with skilled as well as experienced technicians. The technicians should be capable of tackling all sorts of repair and replacement issues. The Most vital fact to be remembered is, every technician should have insurance and should be licensed to carry with the repair works.

  • A Free estimation of work

The company should be able to provide a free estimation copy of the work. If they won’t tell you how much they are going to charge for their services, remember that they are not worth enough to do business with you.

Phoenix auto glass repair companies should be able to provide all the above mentioned features so that it helps the customers to make a sensible choice. With the advent of the internet era, there is great number of online sites which provides with good idea for selection.

Why Do They Require You To Fix A Cracked Windshield?

crackDamaged windshield can be a major damage from cracks and chip. Damaged auto glasses are severe issues since it extends the problem. This type of damages may happen when your windshield hit by rock, pipes, gravel, sports balls, bottles and many more. During the weather cold or warm the temperature severely affects the broken windshield, which may cause the further damages. So it is very much essential to fix the window cracks immediately without allowing it to spread.

Windshield cracks

These are the often the result of chips, it the cracked windshield repair is not carried out then it grow into major issues. Sometimes the windshield may strike with an object with such force that a crack is enhanced instantly. In fact, the glass cracks on the impact of high motion effects. There are several types of cracks, but irrespective of types it is important to fix the cracks as soon as they occur. If in case you carried out the fractured windshield repair very soon the cracks occur, then you can avoid the expenses of replacement.

Why repair the window cracks

One of the major reasons for broken windshield repairs is that the crack can reduce the visibility, inconvenience to drive the vehicle. Even it is very hard for clients, tell the difference between the crack and a scratch in their windshield. The cost of the scratch is lower and it can be repaired without going repair shop. You can recrackpair the scratch with a basic polishing kit. Cracks larger than 24 inches cannot be repaired by the technicians in a right manner, so it is very essential to fix it as soon as they occurred. Water in the crack may increase the damages and may it requires more time and cost for replacement process.

Windshield cracks are not only an unpleasant blemish on a vehicle, but it can be a safety issue also. According to auto experts driving with crack windshield may risk the lives of the drivers and passengers since that are more susceptible to get into an accident.

Stop windshield cracks from growing

Whenever there is expansion, flexing or other forces on your windshield can create a huge amount of force/unit area which may result with crack growing. If the crack occurred in the summer season then it is very essential to repair it before the freezing season occurs. The temperature variation allows the change of glass structures, in the sense these forces can allow the crack to grow. Even this variation also affects the metal frames and its contracts. In order to prevent the cracks from growing, it is advisable that glues should not to be inserted. There are several methods are there to prevent the crack from growing, but repairing the window cracks are the more effective and correct approach.

The complete process of ent. The client with significant insurance policies can avail this repair free of cost. So repairing the cracks is very essential to avoid the further replacement expenses.


Windshield Repair In Chandler: Easy To Find

Chandler, a suburb city of Arizona State of the USA is a densely populated area, where plenty of cars and other vehicles ply the road regularly.  But the extremity of temperatures in summers and winters, as well as the busy traffic on the roads often lead to minor accidents or crashes of one vehicle to the other one. Hence, the incidents of the damage of the windshield of the cars are quite common in Chandler.

But it is seen that due to the increase in these car accidents, several windshield repair agencies or shops have started operating in Chandler, for providing fast services to the clients who have to face these unlucky events of windshield damage. Therefore, many expert servicemen are now available for the Chandler windshield repair of any model of car or other types of vehicles, like trucks that are more prone to accidents while running on the highways. It is quite easy to find these windshield repair shops in Chandler, as lots of auto glass repair companies are now operating in this city.

Easy to find names of Chandler windshield repair companies through internet

  • Most of auto glass repair shops in Chandler are enlisted in all the major search engines, making it easier for the customers to find them out, whenever needed. They just need to browse through the internet, putting their requirement for windshield repair or other auto glass repair or replacement in Chandler, plenty of names of Chandler windshield repair agencies will appear on the screen, along with their addresses and phone numbers. The customers then can choose a suitable one, after checking their price list and quotes for services.
  • There are also some websites which provide the facility to search for the contact details of many auto repair shops, just by entering the residential city or the nearest city of the customer. The auto glass shops can also be searched by selecting the State where the customer lives in. Then the customer can ask online for a quote for the selected car service, by providing the year of purchase of the car, make, model, sub-model, and engine number of the car. These websites can be accessed to enable any type of car repair, including windshield repair or replacement of glasses.

You can also find Chandler windshield repair shops through references given by known people. As most of these auto glass repair shops are too well known in Chandler, regarding the repair and replacements of the windshields of the car and any other commonly seen vehicle; the people requiring these types of services can get the names and contact numbers of multiple auto repair shops from their friends or other acquaintances, living in that area and who have already availed the services of these repair agencies once or several times.



References available from local car dealers

When the customers buy the cars from local auto dealers, these dealers can easily provide the lists of nearby auto glass repair shops, as most of these repairing agencies maintain liaison with the auto dealers for getting more customers. Though these companies or agencies specialize mainly in or replacement, they are also well-known in repairing efficiently all types of glasses and mirrors that are used in the cars or trucks, like door glass, back glass, side glass and side-view mirrors or rear-view mirrors.


Is OEE Auto Glass Good Enough?

oeeAuto glasses are your safety measure as far as the driving is concerned. So, when the matter is about auto glasses, you should not compromise with the quality, especially if it is windshield glass. You should not ignore the fact that, your auto glasses have a quality standard, and when you are going to replace them then the quality should be your priority. However, you there is no need to take much trouble in choosing your auto glasses, as the company you hire for the replacement takes the responsibility of everything, but they also ask you for the quality as per your budget.

In the market, there are two types of glasses mainly available, one is OEM group and the other one is OEE. When the quality glass comes forth, many would prefer OEM that stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which satisfies your brand thirst by providing the identical quality with your original glass. Whereas, OEE auto glass may not certain about the quality, but it gives you the desired result if you think about your budget.

OEM or OEE glass for your car

These two types of glass are commonly used for the auto glass replacement as they may not compete each other by quality, as the former one comes with the brand faith, while the later ones are non-branded. But, the budget issue makes the real gap. OEM glasses for your windshield and door are manufactured by the same brand as you used earlier. In such cases, the dealers are authorized by your car manufacturer and the OEM glass comes with the identical quality with your brand ones. It gives you the same thickness, color, shape, size and durability as your original auto glass is.

On the other hand, OEE glasses are non-branded and it does not meet the federal safety measure as well, to protect your life in severe cases.  The company that manufacturers such glasses may not follow the original quality and that is why it may not serve the same quality of your original brand one. Though this is illegal too, but the budget makes them popular among the people and it is the only reason that one prefers for this glass.

The safety issue with the OEE glass:

OEE glass is low in price as well as inferior in quality, and can create problem while you drive the car. So, you better ignore the OEE glass if you are going to the glass replacements. Generally, the auto glasses are made by the following two processes- tempered or lamination. The tempered ones are created by the process of heating over 1000 degree F temperature followed by an immediate cooling. The process makes the glass stronger and if any accident happens, it breaks into small pieces to avoid any major injury. In the lamination process, two layered glasses are adjacent with the vinyl layer that resists the broken pieces of glass scattered on to the passengers and keep you safe while driving. So, when you choose auto glass, go for the branded one.


Be Careful with Windshield Scrapers – They Can Do Big Damage

scrappersIn the areas of cold environment, the car owners face a lot of problem when their windshield gets covered with snow. This is a problematic matter which can lead to any kind of road accident. The power of visibility through windshield can decrease by this process and thus may cause a major accident. For the safety of car occupant and passengers, the layer of ice should be cleared up. Windshield scraper is such a tool, used in cars to remove the stratum of ice from the windscreen.

Therefore, scraper is a very useful equipment to protect the windscreen from damage. But, it should be handled cautiously. Otherwise it may lead to permanent damage of the windscreen and then you may have to replace your windshield as soon as possible. You have to maintain typical methods while applying scrapers to clean up your vehicle from ice.

Material of preparing Windshield Scrapers

Ice scraper is such a tool which is specifically made for the application of removing the snow from windshield of car only. They are made of plastic material normally and have large and flat blade on one end for clearing ice. On the other end, it has a handle often associated with a brush. In the areas which are covered with cold climate, these scrapers are available in all kind of stores.

Techniques of using Scrapers

You have to maintain some specific techniques to remove ice from windshield with the help of scraper tool. Scrapers should not be used forcefully to remove ice in short time. You should leave your car for some time to defrost the ice. It can be helpful for clearing delicate window glass of the vehicle. Generally it takes more or less 15 minutes to warm up the car. Hot or normal tempered water should not be used to defrost ice before scraping. It can cause damage or crack of the glass. Never use a kind of metallic tool like knife or anything like this. It may lead to scratches over the glass. Let it melt in the natural environment. After melting down of ice partly, you can apply scraper to remove ice totally and to increase proper visibility of the glass.

You can use salt water for melting ice rather than leaving it to melt in natural temperature. Ice will get dissolved in it through chemical reaction. Instead of using salt water, you can also use alcohol and water solution for melting ice. After melting down of the snow, you should use the side of scraper, which is combined with the brush. This soft-bristled brush can easily wipe off the window glasses.

While using the blade of scraper, make sure that you are applying it smoothly on the surface of windshield glass. Otherwise its visibility can be decreased and it becomes hazy which is not safe while driving the car.

Often you can opt for modern range of innovative double-blade designed scrapers which can easily and safely remove ice from windshield. Thus the windshield scraper is useful tools for the use of removing snow from the windshield and makes it visible properly.